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5 Tips to Keep Your Paint Brushes Happy

First, congratulations on having those paint brushes fresh from the art store! Looking after the artist’s most essential tool is important in order to keep its quality at its best. Paint brushes, when taken care of, will not only save you time and money but will also help you paint to the highest potential. 



To have long-lasting paint brushes, here are five clear-cut tips to follow.


Break into your newly acquired paint brush

To condition your paint brush, start loosening the bristles against your hand. To slacken the bristles further, swish it against the table. We highly recommend soaking your brush on flax-seed oil overnight.


Avoid harmful chemicals to prevent your paint brushes from getting ruined

We’re pretty sure you don’t want to go back and forth to the art supply store to buy new ones, don’t you? Cleaning paint brushes with strong soap may remove the natural oils, leading to damaged bristles.

Take note that using hot water may cause any remaining paint to clot. At the same time, using a paint stripper will destroy the shape of your brush.

Always remember to never let the paint get dry after using your brushes. You need to wash them immediately after use to avoid producing a plastic-like texture. If you cannot do this, simply leave your paint brushes in water during your painting session.


Remove excess paint right after use

When you're done painting, gently squeeze out the remaining paint on your brush to a cloth or paper towel then wipe it with a lint-free rag.

For large amounts of excess paint, comb out the paint brush into the paint can then brush back and forth in an “X” motion on a sheet of newspaper until the paint brush dries.


Wash your paint brushes

Rub your watercolor brushes in a gentle circular motion in the palm of your hand then rinse well under running water using mild soap. Do not forget to air dry these paint brushes with the bristles facing upward.

For oil-based paint brushes, rinse them using warm water until the water runs clear of color and soap.


Organize your paint brushes by keeping them in a container

You must store your art supplies properly to make it easy for you when searching for a specific tool.

To put less pressure on the bristles, paint brushes are usually rested upwards with

the handle downwards. Another hack to protect the paint brush’s tip is to store it in a paint brush holder.

Keep your paint brushes organized. It would be easier to grab and go when you’re ready to paint again.


Taking good care of your treasured paint brushes is easy. They are vital to your craft so might as well add a little care when using, washing or storing them. Have fun creating!

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